Happy Bastille Day and News

A very happy Bastille Day to all of you!

The blogosphere has yielded some fantastic opportunities this week, and I wanted to ensure that you all were aware of them:-

If you need shoes or accessories:-
 Now is a great time to turn to American Duchess who is having a sale of up to 30% off selected items, as well as free accessories with a shoe purchase, or $5 off accessories purchased alone. She also has a new shoe out for pre-order, and we all know how tempting those can be.

If you need to make money not spend it:-

The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop has an opening for a temporary PAID intern in Colonial Williamsburg.  Anyone in theatre, the arts, textiles, museum studies, or living history knows how rare it is to find a paid internship, even at the best of organizations. For more information you can see Abby's blog, Stay-ing Alive.


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