Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 2, 1780

I last reported that dear Thierry was returning to Paris and I expected him that very night, and so accordingly I sat up late into the night waiting. Fearing that at so late an hour he would be stopped at the gate, as there have been some changes to the household staff, I had Marianne take word that he was to be admitted no matter the time. I read some pamphlets, played with Reinette, attempted to embroider some (though my eyes are not as strong as they were, I fear), and paced before the windows. At midnight I allowed myself to be undressed, but tarried still more before retiring at one in the morning.

I slept fitfully and was awakened early by Marianne who said that people were already arriving for my first Lever. One look in the mirror told me that my sleepless night was much in evidence, but there was no delaying so as soon as I was properly laced into my stays I admitted my first visitors; the Comte and Comtesse de Rochechouart, the latter of whom was very happy to see Reinette whom she had given me just last winter. Soon the room began to fill with people, all happy to see me, all eager for the story of my "illness" and convalesence in Auvergne, all curious about rumors of an impending marriage. I avoided answering with all of the coquettry I could manage, and as it approached noon my morning chocolate wore away and I found myself desiring more substantial food.

Invited by Comtesse R- to a party of cards that evening I knew that I had little enough time to attend to other matters. In the midst of letters to Maman, my steward, and F- a visitor was announced. I looked up to find Thierry, dashing in a blue velvet coat and new wig. He approached and kissed my hand, my servant withdrew, and I blushed like a rose to see my handsome galante. "I have something for you." He said, and drew out from his pocket a box inside of which was a beautiful brooch made of four heart-shaped pearls set into gold with their points touching so that they looked like a clover. I made some exclamation of delight, and he smiled to see me so.

We talked for hours about his work in Lyon and all of the news from Saint-Saturnin, Pauline's little son; Guy, who is called "Hercule" for he is very strong and will grip one's finger most tenaciously. He then asked after the Marquis de F- and our wedding plans. At that a cloud came over our conversation and I related that the plan was to go forward and that I had requested an audience with the King to tell him of my decision. Thierry rose from his seat, paced a moment, and enjoined me to delay a little. I told him that I could not. We could not stage another incident like the one before to avoid meeting with the King, nor could I retract my request. I must attend and I must answer, but this is not what Thierry wishes to hear.

At last he said that he would speak with F-, and I said that I had to prepare for the Comtesse' party that evening, and so we parted with a kiss, much more troubled than we had met. Though he has come to Sully several times since we have not spoken more on the subject and I wonder what he and F- will say to one another.

Olympe, Comtesse

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