Monday, July 29, 2013

July 26th, 1783

Happily the wedding day has come and gone, and today the last of the wedding guests has departed. The music, the laughter, the happiness were all, indeed, complete, and even the sour disposition of Maman's husband could not spoil it utterly.

I am saddened at Christine's journey north to her own impending nuptials in Sweden, as we cannot know when we shall see each other again; but we will not be bereft of company for long as the Marquis de Menars and his new wife, dear Clementine, will be joining us at Saint-Saturnin in a few weeks.

We ourselves travel south to that happy place in two days where I shall have to ask after little Hercule, the son of my former maid, Pauline. I cannot imagine how he has grown. Perhaps soon I may hope to have a son of my own. For now I fill my time with preparations for travel, the paying of my remaining debts in Paris, and plans for either renovating Portaberaud or building a new home for my dear Mercoeur. We have not settled on a name for this dream chateau, but then it is not certain of what Thierry's income will consist, for he cannot go back to the Ferme now that he is enobled; and yet the title does not carry with it a benefice. Perhaps our friend, Msr. Poisson, can be of some assistance here. We have invited him to visit us as well, but it is unlikely that he will accept the invitation as he rarely leaves Paris.

I must cease daydreaming and attend to the demands of the day. There is much for which I am grateful, and much to which we may look forward.
Olympe, Marquise de Mercoeur et Comtesse d'Auvergne

Monday, July 22, 2013

Completed Mantelet

 As posted previously, the mantelet (or bed gown) is completed and as it just won't stop raining long enough this summer for me to go outside for a photoshoot in my 18th century finery, I settled for some indoor shots.

For information on the quilted petticoat you can visit its own post here. The mantelet was based heavily on research images and diagrams such as these ones.
Kannik's Korner has a pattern very similar to the second image, for anyone who prefers to work by pattern, but this is an extremely simple garment in terms of its shapes and construction.

Of course, having said that, it did give me fits in places, like at the side gores, and getting the pleats/folds at the sleeve ends to be just right. The fabric is an embroidered taffeta, lined in moire taffeta, with linen cuffs, a satin ribbon closure, and fabric covered buttons at the sleeve ends.
Of course, no project is truly complete until the dog approves it...
Now it's onto painting fans and making an outfit to go over that petticoat. For information on the Italian Renaissance project which I also just finished (and which has kept me away from my 18th century projects since completing this one) you can visit my other blog, Amphorae.

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 10th, 1783

Only a few days more until the rest of our party arrives for the wedding, which is becoming less and less the quiet affair we had planned, and which has been increasingly usurped by Maman. One word from her about my broken wedding plans of a few years ago and I am forced to concede to her wishes so that she may be recompensed for all of her disappointments. I am pleased to find her civil- nay, cordial, towards Thierry. I suppose now that he is a Marquis it is of little consequence from whence he came.

Christine has been laid low with a summer cold almost since we arrived in Riom, and if she is not better soon there will be a chorus of sniffling to accompany the droning of the priest. I should also hate to think that her last few weeks of freedom before her own wedding will be spent as an invalid.

Andre and Mattieu are both eager to be of service for the event, and I cannot remember when I last spent so much time in the company of both of my brothers. My stepfather, on the other hand, is as cold and distant as I expected, and we have exchanged few words.

Thierry, dear as ever, is my solace against every aggravation, and as the King has given his consent, at long last we have every hope of enjoying singular happiness.
Olympe, Comtesse

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog-anniversaire Giveaway Winner!

Drum roll, please...

the winner of the vintage painted fan is Margaret! Please e-mail me ( with your full name and mailing address, Margaret, and I will send the fan on it's merry way to you. Thank you for reading and commenting!