Monday, July 8, 2013

July 10th, 1783

Only a few days more until the rest of our party arrives for the wedding, which is becoming less and less the quiet affair we had planned, and which has been increasingly usurped by Maman. One word from her about my broken wedding plans of a few years ago and I am forced to concede to her wishes so that she may be recompensed for all of her disappointments. I am pleased to find her civil- nay, cordial, towards Thierry. I suppose now that he is a Marquis it is of little consequence from whence he came.

Christine has been laid low with a summer cold almost since we arrived in Riom, and if she is not better soon there will be a chorus of sniffling to accompany the droning of the priest. I should also hate to think that her last few weeks of freedom before her own wedding will be spent as an invalid.

Andre and Mattieu are both eager to be of service for the event, and I cannot remember when I last spent so much time in the company of both of my brothers. My stepfather, on the other hand, is as cold and distant as I expected, and we have exchanged few words.

Thierry, dear as ever, is my solace against every aggravation, and as the King has given his consent, at long last we have every hope of enjoying singular happiness.
Olympe, Comtesse

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