Monday, July 22, 2013

Completed Mantelet

 As posted previously, the mantelet (or bed gown) is completed and as it just won't stop raining long enough this summer for me to go outside for a photoshoot in my 18th century finery, I settled for some indoor shots.

For information on the quilted petticoat you can visit its own post here. The mantelet was based heavily on research images and diagrams such as these ones.
Kannik's Korner has a pattern very similar to the second image, for anyone who prefers to work by pattern, but this is an extremely simple garment in terms of its shapes and construction.

Of course, having said that, it did give me fits in places, like at the side gores, and getting the pleats/folds at the sleeve ends to be just right. The fabric is an embroidered taffeta, lined in moire taffeta, with linen cuffs, a satin ribbon closure, and fabric covered buttons at the sleeve ends.
Of course, no project is truly complete until the dog approves it...
Now it's onto painting fans and making an outfit to go over that petticoat. For information on the Italian Renaissance project which I also just finished (and which has kept me away from my 18th century projects since completing this one) you can visit my other blog, Amphorae.


  1. Very beautiful, and the King Charles to match!

  2. So lovely. It's not often I see this style of mantelet made up, thanks for sharing the pattern source ;-)

    1. No problem! I had the fabric and everything for such a long time, I'm glad I finally finished it.