Monday, May 13, 2013

Quilted Petticoat Complete

The quilted petticoat is complete! Please forgive the lack of good photos. There has been a lot of rain lately which doesn't make for good lighting and I lack a proper photography set-up at present. The side view is probably my favorite, though it does show off my lack of foresight in not wearing another petticoat over the panniers underneath.

There were, naturally, other issues which I'll have to remember for next time; I didn't adjust the placement of the ruffle to account for the amount of fullness of the skirt over the supports, so it seems like it curves up at the sides a bit. I also think that next time, rather than a drawstring waist (for which I did find documentation), I will use a waistband and ties closure.

The whole thing is worn with my linen, handsewn chemise with the drawstring neckline, stays designed by me and built by the talented American Duchess, stockings and shoes (also by American Duchess), pocket hoops, and a rump pad. The pink fabric at the top is silk, and used, as in extant versions, to keep the quilted fabric from creating undesirable bulk at the waist. I liked the look of the ruffle at the bottom in this example...

so I used the same light buttery yellow fabric as the stays to make it, and hand-tacked the top part of the ruffle to maintain placement.Over all, I'm pleased; now onto finishing the mantelet!
Petticoat fabric on the bottom with supplies for the mantelet in-progress


  1. The petticoat is delightful. It is interesting how making one inspires you to do things differently the next time but still stay historical.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

    1. Thank you! It's very different sewing historically versus sewing for the stage; and ironically I had to learn NOT to focus too much on authenticity in my work.

  2. Oh my! Your quilted Petticoat is so beautiful! You have done a most wonderful job on it!



    1. Thank you, Gina! Now I just need to build more things to go over it.