Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Hint Of Things to Come

As a professor I find that during the regular school year my time is consumed far beyond the 9-5 quota with grading, designing, stitching, planning, meetings and the like. As a costume professional my summers tend to be equally chock-full of sewing, wardrobe work, designing, traveling, and prepping for the year to come.

This year I'm taking a break. I get 15 weeks of prepping for the coming year, organizing my stock, researching and writing...and not too much else! This, of course, means that there will be more time for sewing things that I WANT to sew, rather than those things I NEED to sew.

So, as a sneak peek at things to come, I give you the first photo (from an odd angle, admittedly) of my new quilted petticoat. Details to come shortly.

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