Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 5th, 1782

Perhaps I have crowed over my laurels too much. Franconville has not yet begun to be demolished, and a scandal has shocked Versailles to it's core that I cannot help but feel is in some way related to me.

The Prince and Princess de Guemene are bankrupted. He, despite being Grand Chamberlain, and she, Governess to the Royal Children. Could any two people be less likely to fall victim to their creditors? Their properties are to be sold, although surely the King and Queen will help them in that they will receive a good price; but they must abdicate all charges, and it is to be wondered who will step into them.

All of this I have from cousin Godefroy, who is uncle to the Prince, and who goes to Versailles to see if he may resume his previous charge as Grand Chamberlain. It is to be hoped that Their Majesties affection for my cousins will outweigh their disgrace.

The question then remaining is whether or not F-, or his relatives, the de Lauragais, have had anything to do with bringing this about. Is it to be believed that following on my persecution of F- through his debts, my own family should fall victim to the same, and yet the two incidents are not related? My small quest for vengeance may have taken on far larger consequences than I had ever intended. I considered telling cousin Godefroy everything, but have held my tongue. I trust him, above all men, to smooth over these difficulties, and if he can do so without me needing to reveal my part in them, then it will be so much the better.

Suddenly I do miss the advice and comfort of Thierry so very much. True happiness is so short-lived.
Olympe, Comtesse

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