Thursday, March 7, 2013

February 1st, 1783

I barely have time to miss Thierry lately, as I have been convinced to accept a position at Court as a lady to Madame Elizabeth, the King's sister. Fortunately, I am only serving until the Comtesse de Vergennes is delivered of her child, and sufficiently recovered.

Versailles is busier than usual as well, since Peace between England and the Americans has been negotiated. Peace between France and England is still to be determined and may take some time yet. The American representatives are quite interesting in both appearance and deportment, and it must be said that they are not well-prepared for the expectations of France and frequently a cause for embarassment.

I find myself constantly fatigued, and not merely from my charge at Court, but from the demands of intrigue surrounding my now very well-known fight with the Marquis de F-, as well as the seemingly unending trials of Thierry's banishment. I feel that of late both Monsieur Poisson and Menars have been avoiding my requests for information, which is a frustration deeply felt. After championing Menars engagement to Clementine de Rodez, I am still waiting for him to deliver his end of the bargain and find the doctor who treated R- before his sudden death.

Every year I long for spring and Auvergne, but never so much as I do this year. Spring, Auvergne, and Thierry are the thoughts which sustain me. And perhaps the dual purposes of truth and vengeance.

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