Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6th, 1784

Tomorrow the Marquis and I have been honored with an invitation to join the King on his hunt. I have debated whether to ride with the men, or keep to the carriage, and I think I shall do the latter for it is very hot at present. We have smaller apartments at Versailles at the moment, as Mme A- delays in quitting her own. I believe she does it to spite me, but I will have them eventually.

My duties for Mme the Princess Elisabeth keep me busy, but in the evenings Thierry and I join any of the myriad card parties, suppers, or gatherings which we must soon reciprocate I think. Until the apartments are ready for us there is always the excuse of not being settled. I spend much time, when I have it, choosing furnishings, and have written to my steward for many things from Saint-Saturnin and Portaberaud. Thierry is in desperate need of new clothes, but is hesitant to allow me to purchase them for him. He still is unused to spending money freely, and at times I feel much the same way.

Count Axel von Fersen is expected to return to Versailles tomorrow and, having been a particular favorite of the Queen's, will likely return to her inner circle. Ever since her miscarriage last year the Queen has occupied herself with her petite hameau, which is said to be a charming and rustic idyll, though I have not received an invitation to see it.

The Dauphin's health sadly continues to decline, though his sister, Madame Royale, has all of the robustness that the other lacks. The worry that this brings does show itself in the Queen, and indeed in my mistress as well who cares greatly for her niece and nephew. It is to be wondered whether Mme Elisabeth herself will ever marry, but seems likely that she will not and shows no inclination towards that calling, but rather would prefer to devote herself to God and to easing the suffering of others. She is an easy lady to love and I find myself becoming very devoted to her.



  1. What a lovely story! Your blog was recommended to me and how thankful I am that it was. Lovely work. I do wish this story continued further.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Life has become a bit busier so I had to put it aside, but perhaps I shall continue it some day. Thanks for reading!

  2. That would be absolutley lovely! I ended up somewhere in the middle of your story and found my way to the start. It was so well written and intriguing I read the whole story in 2 nights. Please bless the blogger-verse soon with additions! You're a fantastic writer.