For Your Chateau


I know, I still haven't posted that update on the fireplace mantle project, there were set-backs galore I'm afraid. In the meantime, the blue and white theme hasn't entirely disappeared as I continue to dream of having a themed Christmas tree one of these years. For reasons of frugality this will not be the year to do it, but a girl can hope. I might consider the decoupaged sand-dollar one for my parents though, who live at the beach and have no less than three or four Christmas trees every year. 

On the other hand, the lovely little chateau print won't break the bank and I have a back room that's slowly but surely being converted into a bit of a medieval-esque theme, so this would look very well on the wall in there, especially if I can find several similar ones. Or just get to work on that illuminated alphabet I've been telling myself I'll do someday.

Perhaps though, the best item this week is a book whose tile seems to evoke the general feeling of this uniquely problematic year; "The Battle of Life." I love the color for being so different from anything else I own in antique tomes and the cover illustration guarantees that it will likely never be squeezed away on a shelf. 

Next FYC, we'll look at some 18th-century themed gifts for you or the enthusiast in your life!


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