Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 1779

So much has happened, and yet nothing at all! The king read my petition and the answer is that he has already sent surveyers to Auvergne and Limousin to determine old and new boundaries. I expected upon hearing this that it might take some time to complete the work, but was not prepared for the answer that some surveyers have been working on areas of France for years! I now must decide if it is worthwhile to remain in Paris, and if so should I pursue a swifter course of resolution? Can I return to Auvergne without any sense of accomplishment?

More and more I begin to wonder if returning to Saint Saturnin holds as much appeal as it once did. Paris is the beating heart of France. Auvergne is beautiful and peaceful, but there is time enough in life to seek peace and stillness. In Paris I need never be lonely. It lacks only T-, and that could be easily rectified if we marry. There are opportunities for him here, and I can always return to Auvergne when I feel I miss it.

However, more fiscal concerns bind me. The harvest was not as expected, and so we have not made as much money as we had hoped. T- is out of money, and so I must support him myself, which neither of us enjoy in our present arrangement. If I do stay more permanently in Paris I will be near to Versailles to press my case when the serveyers are finished. Matthieu is also blossuming unexpectedly in a new city, which I would not wish to reverse given the trouble he has always had with his schooling. There are better opportunities here for everyone.

What if I have to give up the reacqisition? Should I stay or go home? Where is home now?
Olympe, Comtesse

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