Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 1779

I knew that once I reached Paris I would find my time so full that I would neglect my journal. My planned visit with Christine was wonderful, as we walked the Tuileries gardens, then had tea at l'Hotel de Sully, and then we attended the Comedie Francais, and finally we finished with a long conversation over some very fine wine at her residence. Dear Christine is much missed already, having determined to return to Sweden to visit her aunt and uncle who have been as parents to her since the passing of her own. As always, there are moments when her intelligence so far surpasses my understanding that I can only wonder at how different we are, but if distance cannot kill it then the friendship will remain, as it has to this point, unshakeable.

No word on the war in the colonies, but the general opinion in Paris is that it is going well, despite being a somewhat unpopular expenditure in certain circles. Perhaps by the end of the year it will be over, but there is hardly any more reason to suppose that than there was last year.

So many dinners, so many parties, theatre excursions, visits back and forth, how to tell of them all. I rise early, am busy throughout the day, and return home exhausted without the will to write of all that transpires. I have had a lucky run at cards of late, to the extent that I have nearly won back all that I lost previously, but am in fear of losing it all again. I dare not admit to my steward how much I have been playing, for he will only chide me. I know it is strange to fear what the man might say, but I feel my authority is truly very tenuous at times.

Next week there is a ball, and I am to be fit for a new gown today. I have asked Maman to be present, as I feel we hardly see each other, but I do hope she is enjoying her time in Paris. Matthieu has returned to his studies, and today has a music lesson. I believe his teacher has just arrived, which means that I am late. I had promised myself some time alone in the library this morning, and have not been at home to guests for that reason. It shall be a waste if I do not take the time now.

Olympe, Comtesse

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