Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 10, 1779

I can scarcely believe how long it has been since last I have written my thoughts here. It is now October and the weather has turned, but not before one very interesting night.

I attended the opera with the Comtessse of R- and some friends (with whom I am pleased to have become rather close), and finding it very pleasant we were loathe to return home. Rather than spending the rest of the evening at someone's home for supper however, the Marquis de L- invited us to his own revel. With few instructions we followed him in our own few carriages out of Paris itself. You can only imagine, our coaches following upon each other by sight of their lanterns only, with us in excited trepidation wondering at the adventure. We arrived by and by at a secluded field outside of the city itself. L- informed us that it had been or was going to be used to grow potatoes! For what reason I can only wonder at, as they are a food fit only for animals as everyone knows.

Blankets were spread on the ground and a bonfire had been started in a great heap, which served to warm us, and more than one gentleman removed his cloak to better protect the ladies from the chill night air. L-'s servants were there in advance of us and had laid out a delightfully rustic feast of fruits, cakes, partridge, venison and, of course, wine. There was singing and dancing, and some couples took advantage of the darkness to engage in more clandestine activities away from the fire. I know I saw the Marquise de T- (whose husband is much older and never leaves the house) with the Comte de C-, and they not only stole away for quite a while, but left together with her carriage following his.

I completely ruined a pair of yellow embroidered shoes dancing in the muddy field, but it was worth it to pass such a pleasant night in jovial company. I returned to the Hotel de Sully shortly before dawn, as the sky was turning from black to blue. There is something so wonderful about laying down as the birds begin to sing. No, I should not be sorry to stay here. With T- coming to visit in a few weeks perhaps that is a future worth hoping for.

Olympe, Comtesse

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