Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 27, 1779

Thierry has been and gone, and during his stay I debated whether or not to tell him of the King's proposal. Finally I did, and the result was a very unsatisfactory argument when we both would have much prefered to take pleasure in our short time together. He has gone back to Auvergne for the time being, but may come again at a later date. As to me, I have not decided on a course of action; an all too common situation recently it seems.

Comtesse de R- has a sweet little dog, and I am reminded of my desire this summer to have a small companion of my own, so perhaps I will soon. I need some creature to love me.

The cold weather along with recent troubles has made me very melancholy of late. Friday, however, brings a visit from my marchande des modes so perhaps that will cheer me. A lucky run at cards has made me feel that I may allow myself some frivolity, but I will temper it with some charity as I have determined to visit St. Cyr, where Christine and I were at school together, and will bring them some books for the students and money for the Sisters. Perhaps then I will feel happier.

I begin to wish I had never asked for the reacquisition. No one made any demands on me at home in quiet Saint Saturnin. But there, I am being melancholy again and must cease. I am tired, nothing more.

Olympe, Comtesse

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