Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 1780

We have set out once again for Paris. The court is at Fountainebleu so I shall not have to announce my intent to marry to the King just yet, but I will have the opportunity to tell Christine when I see her in a few days. Maman insists that I look to purchase cloth for wedding clothes if nothing else, and she hints that she may visit, but I do not intend to stay long. Thierry writes that he has merited the promise of promotion from his superiors, but knows not for what position he is intended.

F- and R- travel with me, in part so that we may keep an eye on R- who, I am sorry to say, has drunk himself into a sad state. He challenged a man in Riom, but F- was able to soothe the situation so that no violence need occur; still, we fear he may come to harm if left to himself.

Thierry, in contrast, seems quite calm and I find myself listening just a little to Maman when she says that he may have been interested in the prospect of a title, after all. Surely after so many years I would know the truth of that suspicion, but I would feel a great fool were it true.

Olympe, Comtesse

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