Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 23, 1780

Despite the fact that Saint Saturnin is a far cooler than busy Paris I am still loathe to venture out from these stone walls. I have been ill inclined to do anything these past few weeks, in truth. I did venture to Paris and see Thierry and dear Christine, who is now gone to her Aunt and Uncle in Sweden (whom she fears may be arranging a marriage for her next now that her sister is wed). The court is away from Versailles and Paris until the weather cools, and I have given Msr. Poisson some incentive to seek both of us a charge in the Royal Service.

Thierry has received greater acclamation and further duties from the Ferme, and even Philippe Guillaume Tavernier Boullongne of Préminville, the Fermier General, has taken notice of him. I should not be surprised if soon he were to be far richer than I. We shall see what transpires.

Soon, when the court returns, F- and I will have to announce our engagement. Already I am receiving daily letters from Maman on preparations, not to be undertaken without her involvement. I do believe she has been looking forward to this for years. For my part, I would as soon not have anything to do with it, and I sit in the quiet of Saint Saturnin with Reinette, reading, painting, and playing my harp very ill. I am determined more than ever that I have little need of some of my other properties, and it is very likely that I will spend most of my time in Paris in the future, and so F- and I will only need, say, three homes in Auvergne to which we may travel. I will retain Opme, Saint Saturnin and my home in Riom, I think, and sell the rest.

Right now it is too hot to think.

Olympe, Comtesse

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