Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping the Museums

It is a miserable gray day here, I must have some color! How about a bright shopping spree through the 18th century sections of the world's museums? I'll start with this sweet pink polonaise, after all one must have the skirt up off the ground if we venture out today.

If we do go out we'll need a pair of pockets to put the shopping money in, like this pair from c.1725.
It is still summer though, so how about a fan? This one in gouache (paint) from abut 1760 ought to do the trick!
Then, of course, we can't forget about shoes, after all the polonaise skirt will ensure that they are seen. 
These purple ones with the pattens will help to keep our feet nice and dry.
A hat perhaps to keep the rain off our faces? Something like this should do the trick. Fabulous! Now we are ready to go out and face the day, however gray it may be.


  1. What delicious colours - lovely! Those shoes are gorgeous - I haven't seen them before.

  2. I did a search to try and find those shoes again and just couldn't seem to come up with it. I've had that picture in my collection for so long that I don't recall where I found it originally. Given the style and the pattens they're probably c.1730s-40s.