Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Poll- I Digress

Okay, I know this is a primarily eighteenth-century blog, but I have a real dilemma and I need your help. My fiance and I are having a Casablanca (like the movie)-themed wedding next July and today we went to look at what we thought was one vintage Rolls Royce. It turns out there are 3, count them, 3 options! Which one do we choose?

The 1936 silver Rolls Royce is stylish and has so many amazing features, like signals that pop out of the side of the vehicle to indicate turns, plus it has all those big windows so we can see everyone and they can see us! The downside? There's no air conditioning and as I said, the wedding is in July.
As Casablanca is set in 1942 this 1953 Rolls Royce is the closest thing to the right era. The only trouble is that our wedding colors are ivory, black, and sky blue and I'm afraid that the blue will really clash with that red. This car does have AC.
Last, but not least, the 1962 "Grey Ghost" Rolls Royce. The streamlined physique of this car is very 1960s, but its sleek steel blue paint would go well with the wedding, and it has the AC. Small windows on this one too.

No matter which car we go with the driver will come attired in a vintage chauffer's tux complete with hat, and they roll out the red carpet, literally. Which would you choose?


  1. Hi,
    Excuse me but isn't 1936 closer to 1942 than 1953? The gray car is closer to the correct date and in my opinion much more attractive too. I know what you mean about the AC. That would be the only downside to the first car. I don't think the red cuts it at all. The first car looks like a Casablanca car. I had AC added to a Honda once; is it possible to add AC? Best wishes for your wedding!
    Au Revoir,

  2. I think the 1962 Grey Ghost is the best: in line with your theme colors, AC, and class.

  3. The 1936 Rolls is the only car that could have been around in 1942 isn't it?

    Spoiler alert
    Purists would try to get as close as possible to a 1940 Buick Phaeton

    Wish you a very happy wedding day!

  4. Hi all,

    Yes, 1936 is closer to 1942 in year, but the 1953 is closer in style. Ranja, I saw that article too, what a cute car! These three cars are offered by the same company, so that if (knock on wood) anything happened to one we'd have a back-up. The price is also really good. We're leaning towards the '53 right now just because it's closest in style and the '62 just looks so sixties. So hard to decide!

  5. The 1936 one is my favorite, it's BEAUTIFUL! Still the 1962 one is very nice, as is the 1942, but I agree that the colors are all wrong. By the way I just happened across your blog and am so glad I did! It's great!

  6. Hi Caroline, welcome! We ended up going with the 1962 because it had air conditioning (and it's good that we did because the day ended up being 103 degrees!). The 1936 is still my favorite too, so maybe we'll use it another time.