Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th, 1780

At home in l'Hotel de Sully again, after a long week at the Chateau of Franconville-aux-bois in Saint Martin du Tertre with F-. I was most apprehensive about seeing him again, but upon my arrival he greeted me in the hall with arms outstretched. Clasping me close he whispered "We two will remember him together."

Needless to mention, the wedding is still to go forward, and I have requested an audience with the King to inform him of my decision and to see that my claim to the Duchy du Bouillon is honored, as well as perhaps the reacquisition of that land in Limousin which I took so much trouble over last year. Maman writes nearly every day to advise me on wedding preparations, and I am sure that she will undertake to come to Paris herself soon. I have delayed in making any invitation to that effect.

Thierry is at present away on business in Lyon, but expects to return tonight. If it is not too late I hope that he will come visit here. I long to see him, and to talk with him about all that has happened. I hold my first Lever tomorrow since returning, and expect to see many old acquaintances. I have not ordered new clothes this time, so I hope that I shall not be out of fashion on the first day.

Olympe, Comtesse

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