Sunday, July 3, 2011

Costume Poll

Preparing for a wedding is so time-consuming! I thought that my work as a costume assistant and coordinator would have made me well-suited for this, but then there's a lot fewer emotions in professional projects; besides, there's always another show to look forward to.

Given my grand scheme of re-doing my entire 18th-century wardrobe after the honeymoon I'm trying to decide where to start. Your thoughts are most welcome.

A mantelet au lever de l'aurore (dressing gown) with quilted and embroidered petticoat? I already have all of the fabric and trim for this project, in fact using it up would help clear space in my stash.

I could start small with a pair of jumps? They would be a good draping project for over my new stays, and these petit-point "buttons" would be darling.

How about something I can wear out of the house, as it were? Like maybe a riding/traveling costume. Again, I have most of the fabric for this, even a giant roll of buckram for the hat, and I have made one similar to it so patterning shouldn't be a problem.
Then, of course, there's always the fourth option; do something completely different! What would you suggest?


  1. Tough choice, but only you can make it :-) Usually there's one that "asks" to be made before the others. It's the one you're secretly most excited about :-)

  2. It's a tough call, they've all been tugging at me for a while. Maybe I should consider what will look best with my shoes. ;-)