Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 6th, 1781

I've played a trick on those who are against Thierry and I, and I am not the least bit sorry for it. I wrote, knowing that Marianne would read it, that Thierry and I were to separate and he would flee France and I would go probably to Auvergne. Then I went by carriage to Ferney to my half-brother, Andre, and stayed with he and his fiancee, Caroline Delacoeur. I invited them to come stay with me for a time at Lespinasse Castle, since it was the childhood home of his mother as well. I know that Maman would like for me to make it a wedding gift to them, but she little realizes how much I need the income that would come with selling it.

Leaving Marianne with them to help prepare for an extended visit, I came away ostensibly to arrange everything at Lespinasse, but instead travel by carriage to Lyon at this very moment, there to meet with Thierry, and from thence will travel on to Lespinasse. I should be very much surprised if F- or anyone else remembers this least consequential of my castles. This being so there will be no one to disturb our wedding. They may follow us around the world, but we will be married, and soon.

Olympe, Comtesse

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