Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Court Presentation- Honors of the Court Part 3

In the last installment of Honors of the Court I started the translation of a document which helps to detail the process of being presented. Previously we learned about the history of why being presented was important, and also why it was made difficult to attain. Today we begin to find out the requirements for applying to the honor.

"The presentation, left until then to the arbiter and to a caprice of the prince, was, from the majority [adulthood] of Louis XV, submissive to a very regular form. To be admitted to the honors of the court, that is to say to the circles, the balls of the king and the queen, to ride in the carriage of his Majesty and accompany him on the hunt; it was necessary to occupy a high rung among the nobility and “make a pretense of proofs of one’s” ancient lineage. The court also held, since the year 1730, a registry of people who enjoyed these honors."

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