Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd, 1782

I have invited the Marquis de Menars to visit us at Portaberaud for a few weeks this summer, a thing most unthinkable last year. I have not told Clementine of the invitation as she will be greatly disappointed if he declines to come. Perhaps if Mme de Rodez sees the ease and happiness of his manner with her daughter then she will consent to a match before we even return to Paris.

I broached the subject of R's death with Mme, but she only told me that it was smallpox as she had said to Clementine, and did not know what business F- had to claim otherwise. Now I am very confused as to which story is true, for the truth of it will make all the difference in my understanding of the characters of many people. There is one more witness to whom I may put my questions, but I am not even certain of the name of the doctor who was in attendance on that fatal day.

The sale of Lespinasse is complete, and when my estate agent arrives with the funds I will divide it with Andre, who is still living with Maman here in Riom, as I said that I would.

Olympe, Comtesse

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