Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pictures As Promised- Don Giovanni

A while ago I mentioned that my latest professional project involved some 18th century-inspired elements; namely corsets, panniers, and a headdress with a boat on it (a la belle poule). Below you can find some photos courtesy of our designer and singers.
This is from the party scene at the end of Act 1, you can just see one of the panniers in the left of the photo and of course the hat with the ship on it on the lady in the Redingote.
We had panniers in every shade of the rainbow, and corsets to match.
Don Giovanni and Leporello, his servant.
The orange pannier in progress.
Set in the modern era, but with an 18th century theme to the pivotal party, this gave us an opportunity to work on elements, such as panniers, that we all too seldom get to do. Happily our next opera is The Rake's Progress, which is based on the Hogarth paintings of the same name and have a similar flavor. We've been making modified sacque-backed gowns for weeks.

I love my job.


  1. What a delight, you are so lucky to love your job.

    1. I often feel very lucky to do what I do, though it certainly hasn't been without it's sacrifices.