Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30th, 1782

Even in Auvergne it is far too hot this summer. The money from the sale of Lespinasse has arrived, and I have divided it with Andre, who has managed somehow to assuage our mother's ire over the matter. He plans to purchase a commission in the army with the money, and I think it will be a very good thing for him if he does. After the war in the Americas they will be in need of some new officers, and there may be much room for advancement.

The Marquis de Menars accepted my invitation, and arrived at Portaberaud last week. The Dowager Countess is none too pleased that we have added another member to our party, but has been as gracious as she can manage. Clementine is, of course, delighted, and thanks me often by drowning my ears in effusive raptures about his mind, features, and manners. Surely no Adonis ever had a more doting Venus.

I took a moment just after Menars arrival to make an arrangement regarding our common purposes. I explained that I would be willing to champion his engagement to Miss Rodez, if he would endeavor to find out the name of the doctor who attended to R- on his deathbed. I said that I understood now that he had been the victim of a scheme to make it seem as if he were responsible for poisoning me, and that it was likely that the same culprit had either a hand in R-'s death, or had used it to try and manipulate events. All of this he agreed to, and will undertake my cause.

Meanwhile I am guarding my portion of the sale money in order to make use of it when we arrive back in Paris. I have not forgotten my own plans for vengeance.

A single letter from Thierry has made its way to me for the last several weeks, and in it he says very little but that he misses me greatly and hopes to be able to return soon. I hope that will prove true, but have little reason to think it will. I know not how to proceed towards proving his innocence. I have engaged a lawyer for the case, and M. Poisson is ever our champion at court, but little enough action is taken in the summer.

Olympe, Comtesse

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