Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 25th, 1784

I only seem to tire more and more easily, and most of what I must report is of no consolation. My step-father has been forced to relinquish his position as Magistrate in Riom, and Maman is in a state over their prospects. I have invited them to visit us at Saint-Saturnin in April, but hope that they will not stay long as I must to Versailles.

Although, that is not completely certain. Msr. Poisson writes that a rumor says my position as Lady to Mme Elisabeth is opposed by some at court. A letter from the Princess herself confirms my fears as she urges me not to hurry from Auvergne at present. This might be mere kindness on her part, were it not for the rumor.

No sooner had I sent my package of sweets to Christine with a letter, than a letter and a package from her arrived for me. She sent a necklace, and continues to urge a visit to Sweden as soon as may be. The Marquis relents a little, and says I might go to see her after his much-anticipated journey to England.

For the moment, we wait for kinder words from many quarters, wait for Spring, and enjoy the pleasant fog of wine and books. There is a country dance in a few days time, and I think I must appear, if only for a few moments.

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