Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 13, 1779

I am expecting delivery of my new robe a la francaise today, which I shall wear to the opera tomorrow. Comtesse de R- is hosting a supper party afterwards and promises us the excitement of having some of the singers there as well.
Pauline continues to feel ill, which has made it difficult for her to perform her duties; and just as I feared, by whatever source the news of that small crisis has found its way into the world. I know this because the Comtesse de L- (who will be attending the supper as well) asked me in a whisper just this week if it wasn't true that I had to force my maid into marriage for the sake of her condition. I replied that it would be more true to say that I forced my footman. I stopped just short of saying that MY footmen in Auvergne marry without my request.
The Marquis of S- just arrived for my Lever, so I suppose I must start my day.
Olympe, Comtesse


  1. charming entry... like it... especially the hint on the auvergne-footmen...

  2. I'm currently studying Parisian culture, so it's interesting to contrast it with the attitudes of the provinces. Despite her rank Olympe is definitely more provincial. Hopefully she doesn't come across as too prudish.