Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 1779

Being apart for so long is difficult for Thierry and I. Our letters have become less frequent, but what troubles me most is how little that concerns me. I do not doubt his fidelity, he is not a man to betray another, but I doubt the wisdom of pursuing a life of so much trouble if the love will only languish and die. For such an ending I might consent to a match the king will approve and earn a duchy for my heirs. The desire for love and the right to control my own inheiritance weighs on my reason.

I confess that though I had all of these considerations before, they have been brought to mind again by the presence in my social circle of other desireable options. The Marquis of S- called on me a few mornings ago, and was present again at the opera, even inviting my entire party to sit in his box when he saw where our seats were. I was disappointed to find that he did not attend the supper afterwards, though he promises to host one of his own soon.

I was surprised to discover recently that Comte F- is in town. The Marquise d'E- mentioned that she had invited him to her salon, as he was a lover of music and she has been keeping a musician of some sort. I promptly wrote to him and we are arranging a day to meet next week. I have not seen him in years, as he was not in Paris the last time I came here. He spent some time traveling, which is why I was surprised to find him back here, since he had evinced some disgust with Paris, but then it is my experience that he is never happy anywhere, and will soon tire of any country or city.

I myself am tired, but merely because it is past my bedtime. I will retire, and save further musings for tomorrow.

Olympe, Comtesse

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