Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoes! New from American Duchess!

Aren't these gorgeous?! Wouldn't you love to own a pair like this? Good news! After a long development process Lauren, at American Duchess, is releasing the first in (hopefully!) a series of 18th-century-style shoes. This pair is called "Georigiana" after the famous Duchess of Devonshire, and is available for pre-order starting April 1st at midnight. I will be huddle beside my computer at midnight, I can tell you, ready to pounce.

If only they were customizable...They are! They are made in dyeable satin, and you can latch with either a buckle or ribbon, for a truly authentic look and feel, or doll them up any way you like with trims and findings to match your outfits.
If only they came in a wide range of sizes...They do! Lauren polled everyone to find out what sizes people needed and if you pre-order you can be guaranteed your size will be available.
If only they were on sale...They are! But only if you pre-order, so get them Friday at the special price of $85. Really now, that's a great deal for shoes this historically-accurate and customizable, not to mention beautiful; is it not?

Is there a down side? YES! Be forewarned that if you pass this deal up waiting for the next one, that the manufacturer will not complete the order. Not Lauren, the guys who make the shoes, need 100 orders to actually put them into production. Cost of operating, etc etc etc, but surely there are enough of us who need/want/crave lovely 18th century shoes to make this happen. If you order and not enough other people do your money will be 100% refunded, so what do you have to lose? If we can make this happen it could be just the start of a whole line of delicate, professionally-made, historically-inspired shoes...

For more information on where to order them, and where to get those adorable buckles, visit American Duchess.

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