Thursday, March 31, 2011

February 28th, 1781

 Before I give any of my own news I feel I must record that the Queen is at last pregnant again. Naturally everyone hopes and prays for a little dauphin (all except for the King's brothers, I should say), and there is a cautious kind of rejoicing. No one is completely willing to celebrate until he is here, since last time it was a little princess we received.

I received a letter from Maman yesterday morning, who was in a state about a letter she had in turn received from a "concerned" F-, who feared I may be having thoughts of abandoning our nuptial plans. Naturally he appealed to her as a mother to sway my heart and good sense. She is coming to Paris, and nothing I say will stop her. She has also heard of the sale of Chateaugay and somehow feels neglected in not having been consulted about my decision to do so; as if it were hers of which to dispose. She says that next I will be "throwing away" Lespinasse, her childhood home. I naturally wrote to comfort her and allay such fears, but I do not know what I shall say to her about the wedding when she arrives, as F-'s fears are entirely founded upon truth.

Still no word from T- in Calais. I begin to wonder if my letters can have gone astray, for now I have sent several with no answer.
Olympe, Comtesse

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