Friday, April 1, 2011

March 3, 1781

Maman arrived this morning, which was the first morning that I had held a Lever in quite a while. The proceeds from the sale of Chateaugay have not arrived yet, but I feel confident enough in their eventuallity to expend some credit with my Marchande des Modes, and have ordered new shoes, hats, and a new gown.

Fortunately I was mostly dressed and all but one of my male visitors had departed when Maman was shown in to my room. As Marianne put the finishing touches to my coiffure, she settled herself into a chair and began to complain unceasingly about my lack of communication with her, especially regarding the wedding. She paused at one point to say "I do suppose you are still planning on going through with it, aren't you?" But then continued leaving no space for me to answer. When Marianne was finished and dismissed I made ready to speak with Maman, but she indicated a sudden need to settle herself into her room and left me at that.

Over dinner this afternoon she informed me that we would be buying my wedding clothes tomorrow, and so she seems to have decided to take everything into her own hands. I'm sure she means to assist in purchasing everything, after all, her husband is a magistrate of Riom, but I still cannot help but balk at the feeling of purchasing my own chains.

I almost expected to see F- at my Lever, and feared to lest everyone be made aware of the discord between us, but he has not appeared and I have had no communication from him. I wonder if we shall speak again before we meet before the priest.

Still no word from T-, I wonder what he can be thinking? Is he on his way to me?

Olympe, Comtesse

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