Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March 16th, 1781

I have been so busy with wedding preparations that I have been much too tired to write, either here or to any of my acquaintances. The mercy is that Maman is here in town with me and so I am not receiving any complaints from her for my lack of correspondance. My hope is that with so much attention on the wedding at present I shall escape being this busy closer to the event itself.

I finally received a letter from T-, but it was very strange in that it did not mention my incident with the wedding agreement and F- at all. He wrote of his work, more about the people of Calais, some Englishmen and women he has met, how he is improving his English and should like to visit their country some day, and sounds completely unconcerned! When I have time to respond to him I shall have to ask if he has received my letters, though I cannot imagine so many going astray.

For now I am tired and must rest, Maman will have me reviewing decorating ideas, packing lists, and heaven knows what else the instant she rises in the morning.
Olympe, Comtesse

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