Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favorite- Queen Charlotte by Ramsay

Queen Charlotte with two of her children
by Ramsay


  1. That's a very nice portrait of the Queen!

    I like this painting (her sparkling Robe de cour is interesting): Sofia Charlotta (1744-1818) by Georg David Matthieu (1737-1778), 1762, Nationalmuseum Sweden:

  2. Ooh, that is lovely, and you can see so much of the detail of the gown. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is one of my favourites too, mostly because I'm a huge Queen Charlotte fan, but also because I looooooove this shade of pink.

    Someday I'm going to find a bolt of taffeta in just this shade and recreate this dress. Someday...

  4. Dreamstress- I also have a few of those "someday" recreation projects. Hopefully next year I'll get to one.

  5. Queen Charlottes birthday party. We'll have a CD of the Mozart playing, no live music. Too bad, but there will be cake!! Public invited, CitySpace May 19 10-2.!/photo.php?fbid=3361237309940&set=a.2667085436577.2116615.1239289914&type=1&theater