Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10th, 1781

In a few days we depart for Paris once more, where Msr. Poisson waits to meet with me on my arrival. Maman remains very curt and cold, and is not as well-pleased by my plan to divide the proceeds from the sale of Lespinasse with Andre. I understand how she must be feeling, though she little realizes it. It is her family home, though only for a few years, the sole legacy she had to give any of us, and now it will pass to strangers, but some sacrifice must be made. I am also giving up the place of my birth, to which she does not seem so much attached.

Andre is quite happy to acquiesce to this plan, as I knew he would be. He and his fiancee did not seem particularly taken with the castle when they visited, and it is a much older building than my other residences, they could hardly live there in style- or live there at all on their income. My estate agent is hunting for a buyer even now.

I have received no reply to my letter sent to the dowager Countess of Rodez. If I cannot garner an invitation to visit I will be unable to put the other parts of my plan into action; and for all I know she already has a match in mind for her daughter, so time is of the essence.

Today is for packing yet again, I think some sewing or music, reading, and hoping for a letter from my husband.

Olympe, Comtesse

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