Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yellow Stays by American Duchess

I realized while working on my quilted petticoat and mantelet that I had never actually posted photos of my new front-and-back-lacing corset, made for me by the talented Lauren at American Duchess. I had mentioned back in November of last year that the tester stays were done, and early this year I received the finished stays.

They lace with blue ribbon in the front over a separate stomacher, which is jacquard on one side, and the same bright yellow as the binding on the other, so I can wear it either way for variation. The straps also tie on so they can be completely removed if necessary. The other nice thing about these is that, lacing front and back, they are easy to put on by myself and very adjustable. I love them, and will happily wear them under all of my 1780s clothing.

For information on the construction of these stays you can visit Lauren's posts about them on her blog. I also realized after I put them on with my chemise for the first time that they look a lot like these ones from the Galerie de Modes.


  1. SQUEE! Wow they look great! I'm so glad they fit, and wow, what a fit. I'm jealous. I wish I had your measurements!

  2. Thanks! They are so pretty and totally comfortable. You did a great job!