Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3rd, 1781

Contrary to all of my fears there seems to be a morbid fascination for a jilted woman, so I have not lacked for company. My marchande-des-modes has delivered my new clothes, and I am enthralled by these new larger hats, worn at such an angle as to half-conceal the face. The endless parade of visitors with their hungry questions and false sympathies, nevertheless has given me a banquet of gossip from which to choose what is useful.

The Comte d'Estaing is still chafing from his disfavor, and obviously wishes to return to the war in the American colonies. My good friend Elizabeth, the Comtesse de Rochechouart, is pregnant and hoping for a daughter as she already has two sons, Victor and Phillipe. The Comte d'Antraigues is causing a stir in certain circle with his political views. Mme Elisabeth, the King's sister, may take a new secretary; and, of course, the Queen is due to deliver very soon and all hope for a Dauphin.

The war in the colonies is unending, but we have had some victories to sustain us. No good news from my estate agent about either Lespinasse or Opme; but I did receive an unexpected letter from Andre in Ferney. Apparently, happy though they appeared, he and Mlle Delacoer are not on pleasant terms and he fears their engagement may not result in a marriage after all. I worry that he is considering such a course because of my broken engagement, but I hesitate to ask him. He also said that he has not mentioned our agreement about Lespinasse with her, or she will stay with him for the money alone. I cannot pretend to be sad, for I would much prefer that he make an end of it, and choose a lady rather than an actress to marry.

Msr. Poisson is working to secure me an audience with the King. I need to find out if there is a new arrangement to be made about the Duchy of Bouillon, and I need to assert Thierry's innocence. Only the King can help me with the first, but in case he cannot immediately help me with the second, I have other plans to attend to.

Olympe, Comtesse

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