Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 22nd, 1781

At first I was concerned because there were people shouting in the streets and the ringing of the bells can mean so many things, but presently as I was standing leaning out of the window the Comte de R- arrived in his carriage and leaping from it shouted up to me "A Dauphin is born! A Dauphin at last!" He then dashed inside where I met him to receive an invitation to an impromptu party given by he and Elizabeth in honor of the birth.

They are hardly the only ones to celebrate as if it were their own good fortune; many are the festivities this night, and they say that people of all ranks and professions go to Versailles to offer their felicitations to the King and Queen. It makes me think of the magi and shepherds traveling to Bethlehem to see the Christ child. Naturally, I sent a letter off at once to T- in Venice that he should know what will certainly be much talked of even there.

My friends the Comte and Comtesse have every reason to be happy with their sons already bestowed, but I have a trace of jealousy, I find. Would that I had a son, or even a daughter, of my own; but first I must bring Thierry home and make our marriage acceptable to those who would seek to challenge it and disinherit any offspring.

Tonight is for joy though. I will wear my new blue gown and be of good cheer in the company of my friends. It is a luxury to forget one's cares even for a few hours. I fervently wish that this small baby may grow up to be a just and loving King to us all.

Olympe, Comtesse

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