Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Events of October 1781

The birth of a Dauphin (finally), was not the only notewothy event to take place in October of 1781; here are a few others that may pique your interest.

October 19th- After the french naval fleet led by the Comte de Grasse had successfully blockaded Cornwallis into the Chesapeake Bay, despite the efforts of the British naval Commander Thomas Graves, Cornwallis was finally defeated and on the 19th was forced to surrender to George Washington, this effectively (though not officially) ending the American War of Independence.

October 20th- A Patent of Tolerance is approved in the Habsburg monarchy, giving limited freedom of worship within Austria.

October 27th- A new opera house opens in Paris to replace one that burned down. It's opening is celebrated with a free performance of Adele et Ponthieu, to which it was expected that 1800 people might attend. The audience turns out to be more like 6000 and it is massively overcrowded. New seating would be added to the pit of the Comedie Francaise the following year "to help prevent mob activity". Perhaps in response to this situation?

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