Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shopping the Winter

I like to check out what topics people are enjoying and where around the world viewers are visiting from. One of the posts that seems to get the most hits is "Shopping the Museums". Whether this is because that particular post was bookmarked and used to re-visit the site, or it genuinely holds a lot of interest for visitors, I've decided to do another one, and this time, because it's cold here, we'll look for things to keep warm in.

When cold weather hits a quilted petticoat is essential, like this one from the Williamsburg collection. Note the band of lighter fabric at the top to reduce the bulk at the waistband.

Not only will this 1780s burgundy polonaise look well with the raspberry-red petticoat, but it will also be short enough to keep the hem out of the muck in the streets.

Of course we won't want to leave the house without a fur-lined cloak and muff, like Mrs. Bootle's. We could make it green, just to be extra festive.

Then it would match this calash (collapsible bonnet) from 1780, which will serve to keep our hair dry and un-tussled.

What have I forgotten? Oh right, shoes! I favor these red satin ones from the 1770s-80s, with their darling buckles. They're in great condition, but after tromping through the wintry streets they might not be.

Perhaps we should add these green velvet pattens (overshoes/shoe protectors), even though they're from the 1740s I think they'll suffice. Cringing at the idea of getting the beautiful velvet wet? I know I am.

And voila! We are ready to go out! Shopping anyone?


  1. Pattens fascinate me. (uh oh). I think they're so delightful and want to try to fashion a pair :-)

  2. You should! And then you should mass-produce them to fit with the Georgianas and Devonshires. I know at least one person who would snap up a pair!