Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22nd, 1781

Maurepas died last night, much to the grief of the King, I am sure for he was his mentor; but it was not unexpected for the man was quite old.

Godefroy has consented to send a letter to the Comtesse de Rodez, and will visit her himself in the future. She hardly seems conscious of the great honor bestowed upon her by such a visit, but perhaps that is part of her cunning. I mean to look into the family background, and will not be surprised to learn that she was some rich merchant's daughter before marrying the late Comte.

Elizabeth hosted a gathering a few days ago and brought in a woman to read our palms. She is grown quite large and more than one person has suggested she might expect twins. She asked the palmist if she could expect a daughter this time, and the woman said that her future did hold a girl, but would not commit herself to saying it would be this pregnancy. A very careful trick, in my opinion. As for me, she said great changes were in my future, and that I had made difficult choices. She seemed to indicate that the changes would be for the good, but we shall see. No mention of children was made for me, and in the company of others I was loathe to suggest the subject. I do hope it doesn't portend a lack of issue, a fear much on my mind of late with my husband kept secret and far away in Venice.

Olympe, Comtesse

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