Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29th, 1781

Cousin Godefroy and I attended the opera last night, which I was initially loathe to do after the crush of the last visit. I don't think those who advertised the free performance for the opening of the new Opera House were expecting so many members of the lower classes to take advantage of the opportunity. It did not make for a pleasant evening. Last night was much better, though I can't say much for the performance itself.

Mme de Rodez has continued to be a thorn in my side. Godefroy assures me that he sent a note to her expressing his delight at being able to present her daughter at court, but they have not yet arranged a time for him to meet her. When I pressed him for the details of their communication I must have tipped my hand, because he then became very interested in my reasons for wanting to sponsor the girl. I explained again that I felt such sympathy for her plight, with her sole brother and protector, who was a dear friend of mine, gone. I think he's decided that R- and I were lovers, because he then began to ask about the reasons for the sudden and rather last-minute failure of my marriage plans with F-. I dissembled as best I could.

As if the universe were contriving to bring the matter to light, I saw F- at the theatre with another young woman on his arm. I don't know who she was, and I had no desire to start rumors by asking after her name from others. F- did not seem to see me, at least I never caught him looking in my direction. If he is in the market for a marriage again I had best act quickly to introduce he and Mlle de Rodez.

My estate agent has asked me to determine what I would like done with those furnishings that remain at Opme. The new Baron and his family would like to move in before Christmas, but I am not inclined to travel all the way to Opme myself at this time of year; the roads would be terrible! I am therefore leaving it in my agent's hands to find an area of the castle to close off and in which to store everything. I look forward to the funds arriving, and wish the renters to move in with haste. I have plans for that money.

Olympe, Comtesse

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