Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th, 1781

After Comtesse R-'s dinner party last night, from which I did not return until after 2am, I am exhausted despite having slept late. I could not sleep as late as I wished, however, because I was invited to go riding with a group and have only just returned in time to change for dinner at Marquise M-'s.

There was good news awaiting me, however. Three letters; one from my cousin Godefroy, one from my husband, and one from R-'s mother, the dowager Comtesse de Rodez. Thierry's letter was full of sweetness and remonstrations against worrying too greatly. He also says he received the money I sent, and advises that I not sell anymore of my patrimony after these two castles, which I have no intention of doing anyhow.

Godefroy has accepted my invitation to dinner next week, and I hope that he will be in a humor to acquiesce to my plan for introducing R-'s sister at court. The girl's mother writes in a somewhat less helpful tone that she does not know what interest I could have in helping her daughter, but is willing to hear me out. I must say that is not the kind of response I would give to such a generous offer, but I am willing to make allowances for her considerable grief at losing a beloved son.

Now to prepare for dinner. I suspect another long night awaits.

Olympe, Comtesse

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