Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th, 1781

The relationship between a mother and daughter is a tricky thing, and has been much on my mind. The rift between my mother and I has weighed heavily on me, and I admit has permeated more of my dreams than not. Most years I have invited her to stay with me in the winter, but eager to show myself an independent married woman, I have not written to her since I came to Paris. She has not written to me either, until the letter I received this morning.

She writes that Andre has broken off his engagement with Mlle Delacoeur, which is all to the best, but he will be villified for it in Ferney, and so has decided to move home to Riom. I have the impression that his father, my step-father, is not pleased to have his son home under these conditions, especially as Andre has no prospects there. Maman hints that I could invite him to Paris for a while, which I may do. So it seems that we are to continue as if we never quarreled, and I shall see if she is inclined to come to Paris for Christmas.

The de Rodez family is also a study in mother-daughter relationships, though of a far different kind. The dowager Comtesse has finally agreed to let Godefroy and I handle Clementine's presentation at court, and I have drafted a proposal so she may be approved and added to the list of candidates. Now I need to find a way to ensure that F- is in attendance so that I have an excuse to introduce the two of them.

This does not mean that the Comtesse de Rodez has relinquished her own control in the matter, and a court gown is being procured for Clementine quite without my oversight. The mother also insists on accompanying us to court, which I can hardly deny. I'm sure she had thought to present her daughter herself until a more attractive option presented itself. Poor Clementine barely dares to open her mouth, and even the slightest objection to any detail is overruled before she has done more than just that. I must find a way to get her alone, or I will never have more influence than this one opportunity.

In the midst of all of this I still must plan my birthday celebration. I've invited everyone I can think of, and am considering including F- and Mlle R-, though I doubt either of them will attend. He because he will not, and she because she can not. So much to do!

Olympe, Comtesse


  1. Brava, the Comtesse has returned! I am so enjoying this.

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying it, Katie! We're heading into year four of the story, in which things get a little vicious.