Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wardrobe- In Progress

My last show for the year has finally closed, so I find myself with a few weeks between now and New Years in which to really work on projects that will continue into the next. Unlike many of you, I have no costume society or events nearby (that I know of) to which I may wear my creations, so I lack the pressure to get things done by a certain date. Don't worry, I make up for it in my professional life. Here are a few of the things I will be finishing/making/posting about between now and...whenever they get done.

I'm going to try my hand at painting my own fan. I have a couple blank ones from different places and whether I succeed or fail spectacularly, it will be a good learning experience for me, and maybe you as well. Tips and tricks always welcome from those who have already tried this.

A calash bonnet. I think this is one of those accessories that can take an outfit from beautiful to "Wow, that's unique", while still being historically appropriate. It may also help me to get rid of some fabric from my stash that's not voluminous enough for anything else.

Nor is the calash likely to be the only kind of headwear I take my hand to. I love hats, in modern or historical styles, and I think we should bring them back into regular use. The bigger the better!

I'm still planning on making that travel outfit, though I've changed the black fur in the design into a mottled brown and white rabbit fur. I'm dying my Devonshire shoes to match the purple-maroon fabric I bought for the hat and inside of the caraco. The outer fabric is a caramel-coloured velveteen, and the skirt is a slate blue shantung. I have small brown leather kid gloves, and a maroon-purple and blue muff already.

Something else I already have fabric for and am, in fact, currently at work on, is the quilted petticoat and mantelet-au-lever (sort of like a dressing gown) that I've mentioned before. I'm hoping to have photos for you all soon.

I also intend to shortly finish the portrait bracelets that I started a while ago. I'm painting one by hand, and cheating with a printed image for the other, that way we can look at the difference between theatre-quality (seen only from a distance), and museum-quality (passes for "real").

There are all kinds of others things too; anglaises, wig work, a winter mantelet maybe, a pet-en-l'air, and if I get really ambitious I may even work on the court gown I've been dying to make for several years. First though, I'm committed to sewing through my current stash of fabrics. There should be enough there to last me a year at least!


  1. I can't wait to see all of this put together. I love your jacket design - is it based on Baronness Von Crussol's red and black fur caraco? One of my faves :-)

  2. You guessed it! That portrait is one of my favorites too.

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