Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April 29th, 1782

My last letter to Thierry was returned to me by the land lady in Venice, with news that he had left more than two weeks before she received it. He had not told me that he was changing his location, so it has me a bit worried.

I have fallen into a routine of late. I rise at ten in the morning, have a cup of chocolate and maybe a bite of breakfast. I choose my clothing for the day and read my letters, then I begin my Lever, receive any visitors, agree on payments with merchants, and review accounts and invitations. After that I write my letters, read, and by two I can expect to hear Clementine's carriage in the courtyard. She has indeed blossomed, but as suitors vie for her affection she flees more and more from her mother's house, who at last has consented to release her to my company accompanied by only a footman.

Poor Clementine hangs on the hope that she may yet marry the Marquis de Menars, but she fears that a richer or higher ranking man will offer for her hand, and is sure that her mother would never wait for her daughter's approval. I take her with me to every party, picnic, and entertainment I can, because it is good for her to move in society before she is married, but I have a double purpose. As often as possible I seek out events where I know that is F- is likely to be in attendance. He and Clementine have met, but I have yet to kindle a flame between them; still, she has sought him out in order that they may speak of her brother at length, and he has offered to be her guide at a hunt in the future.

It must be nearly two, for there's her carriage now. I have heard a rumor that F- is very deep in debt, so I shall try to find out through Clementine if there is any truth to it.

Olympe, Comtesse

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