Monday, May 14, 2012

Trivia Monday

Oh my goodness, where did the day go?! Late, but not forgotten, here is the trivia for the week. Last time I asked:- The eldest son of a Duke often held a title as heir to the duchy; for instance, the son of the Duke de Bouillon was known as "_ de Bouillon", what was the title?

Congratulations to Emmeline Cartwright who correctly answered that it's "Prince". It seems counter-intuitive if you are familiar with the English order of precedence, but the heir to a Duchy was often simply know as the Prince of that Duchy. Of course, there were so many different kinds of princes and peerages in France that it was even more confusing than that, but that was the subject of another post.

This week's question is:-  Queen Marie, wife of Louis XV, was the daughter of what deposed king?


  1. Ex-polish king Stanislaw... no, I don't know how it's spelled. I have to look that up... wait... Stanisław I Leszczyński is the correct spelling.

    1. I was beginning to be afraid that no one would guess it, but you are correct!