Monday, May 21, 2012

Trivia Monday

With one whole day to spare Susanne N correctly answered last week's trivia question:- Queen Marie, wife of Louis XV, was the daughter of what deposed king? The answer was King Stanislaw Leszczynska of Poland. After the king was deposed it was feared that his daughter, Maria, would never make a good marriage; but a bride without any political ties that could upset the balance of European power was just what was wanted for the young King of France, Louis XV. He ditched his under-aged betrothed, the Spanish Infanta, and married Marie instead.

Now for this week's question, and this time we will leave France for England, and it's a double question.

Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, had fifteen children with her husband and was the longest serving consort in Britain. How long did she serve as Queen, and how many of her children survived to adulthood?

Have a great week!


  1. Charlotte was Queen Consort from 8 September 1761 – 17 November 1818 (so 57years, 2 months and 10 days or so.)
    13 of her 15 children survived to maturity - many into their 60s and older - quite a feat in those times.
    And she was her husband the King's legal guardian during his illness believed to be porphyria from 1811 until her death in 1818.

    1. Bravo! This is clearly something about which you know a good deal.

  2. I've been fascinated by George III since I first saw the movie The Madness of King George. And Prinny too.
    Charlotte was a shocking gambler I believe and the King banned her from gambling at one stage. I have seen one of her mother of pearl carved gaming counters - wish I could afford it!