October 15th, 1786

There is exciting news! My very dear friend, Elizabeth de R-, writes that she is delivered of a daughter and wishes me to come to Paris to meet the child and stand as her Godmother! I am in raptures and the Chevalier laughs at me in good humor as I make plans for the trip and all of the gifts I wish to acquire or bring with me for the child. Second to having one's own, a godchild is best. Or perhaps a niece or nephew, as Maman and I are ever waiting for from Andre and his wife Sonya. My poor sister-in-law is plagued by some troubles and Andre, true to his nature, is in no hurry though he should be, as Sonya is not much younger than I. Time is slipping away from me in that matter. 

Emilie has been informed of our intention to return briefly to Paris before the weather turns and will, instead of journeying back alone, travel with us all the way. I've instructed my maid Marianne to go in search of some of my own long-stored baby things of which to make a present for my goddaughter, and she grumbles where she thinks I cannot hear her over this being added to her duties even as we prepare to travel again so soon. If I know Marianne, however,- and by now I do- she'll be relieved to return to Paris as she is always happier in the city than in the country. 

I've also decided to go with the Chevalier and Emilie into town today to buy some cloth to make linens and sundry other goods for the child. It is as if I have been waiting for this and am now dashing away full of renewed vigor and purpose. Oh, I very nearly forgot to mention that the child is named Cornelia. Not a surprise from Elizabeth and Comte Jules, but I cannot say it is a name which has much appeal to me. No matter, it will now be as dear to me as she is before I have even met her. 



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