Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 1780

Further word from Thierry suggests that he is terribly unhappy in his position, and I am convinced that he is misused by his employer. I have had quite enough of wondering when he will find suitable employment and trying not to be his keeper. My brother Andre is of an age with Thierry, but remains in Ferney with his mistress, whom I continue to dislike. I decided yesterday to take matters into my own hands, and have put about word that I am seeking a position on behalf of my brother, which should bring some offers which will be hard to retract when they find out that I am in fact patronizing someone of greater talent and influence with me.

I would be most happy to see him receive a diplomatic posting, but that may be too much to hope for. All of this is occasioned by a comment made by Comtesse de R- after mass that it was too bad he was not a closer relative for then he should have much greater prospects. I will purchase a commission for him, even if it means selling my jewels, land, and property; and if there is a title with it we may marry all the sooner, and perhaps still fullfill some of the King's will.

Olympe, Comtesse

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